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New Meetup – Berlin Fiction Writers Unite!

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As anyone who has sat down to write a short-story or a book will know, the entire process can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a relatively lonely experience. It can be hard to meet other writers, especially if you are just starting off and are unfamiliar with the local scene. But it doesn’t have to be like this!

Joining a local Meetup can be a good place to start…that is, if you can find one for the field you want. For me personally the following two things are essential: 1. it has to be nearby otherwise the chances of me returning are slim to none (I’m incredibly lazy), and 2. it has to be casual. Anything/anyone that takes itself too seriously is out in my books.

Anyway, living in Berlin Mitte, I couldn’t find anything that interested me in the area of writing. Sure, there are a lot of (ahem!) paid-workshops going on in creative writing but nothing really where you can just meet and hang-out with fellow writers.

This is why I decided to start my own! The Meetup is called: Berlin Fiction Writers Unite!

So, what’s it all about?

This will be a recurring monthly meeting (last Sat of each month) where writers of lit. & genre fiction can meet to talk and discuss ongoing projects e.g. flash/short stories, novels, graphic novels, screenplays, etc. Topics will vary from month to month, but I guess we will touch on issues which impact us all as writers such as getting published, how to deal with rejection, overcoming the dreaded blank page, and so on. Oh, and I also aim to have it open to all levels.

The first meeting will take place on: MAY 26, 2-4pm in The Castle bar. Full details: https://www.meetup.com/Berlin-Fiction-Writers-Unite/events/kdwsqpyxhbjc/

As mentioned, mood will be easy and relaxed – just really a get-together for fellow writers to chill and have a beer. If you are around, please do come along too!


Article written by Shane O’Halloran. Have something to say? Leave a comment below or contact Shane directly via TwitterFacebookInstagram, or email. Or, you could just buy him a coffee if you like? (AKA a pint)


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