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Another Brick

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The first brick is down. The second follows quickly. Holy shit, they’re moving fast! Here comes the third. Now the fourth. A rat scrambles between my legs. Ok, this is getting serious. I want to scream, to break the will of the men, to shake the walls but that’s not going to happen. This is the new way of things. These are our roles. They know theirs, and god help me, I know mine.

The wall is to my knees now. I catch the glance of one of the workers. His eyes are dim, vacant. They tell me that this is nothing personal. Please don’t haunt me later. I’m just doing my job. You understand, right? There’s a good girl.

My husband stands behind them. He stares at me and I stare back. His cheeks are wet but I know it’s just for show. I could strangle him. Oh, that would be nice. A little squeeze will do, just enough to see his eyes bulge. Maybe I could even dig my nails in, just to see if that blood of his really is as blue as everybody says. I’d never get that far though. The others would just pull me off again. They always do.

The wall is higher now. The room is growing darker. The men pick up the pace. Another brick. And then another. The rats are becoming more active now too. One of them has found a way under my dress. Well good for you! Won’t be too much longer and then I am all yours.

The wall reaches my shoulders. I can just about see his face. C’mon, his eyes urge, give us a scream. Just a little one. Go fuck yourself, mine say. I can see that he is furious. I know it’s a hollow victory. But it’s mine and I’m taking it.

The last brick is wedged into place and now I am falling into a pit of darkness. High above me from the other side, I hear soft murmurs and the clinking of glasses. I smile as I picture him holding the wine to his lips. Yes, drink my love. Drink deeply. We’ll be seeing each other again real soon.


Story written by Shane O’Halloran. Another Brick was originally published by The Green Light literary journal as part of a special Halloween edition, October 31, 2018. 


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