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NEWS: Fiction Kitchen Berlin

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Good news – after a long break, our meetup is coming back this month! Now known as Fiction Kitchen Berlin meetup (nice, right?), our creative sessions will focus exclusively on ‘flash fiction’.

So, what can you expect from the group?

Read Aloud Sessions: These are going to continue. Please bring your flash stories, completed or not, to the group. This is an excellent opportunity to get feedback on your work and explore and issues that you may be having. Or maybe you just want to read your story because you’re just so damn proud of it – that’s fine too! 🙂

Focus is on quirky, strong-voiced stories that have integrity and can stand on their own. Please note that work must be a flash fiction piece – 1,000 words or less.

Note: if you are interested in reading your story to the group, please bring enough printed copies. This will make it easier for us to follow the story as sometimes it can be loud in the pub. Average participation is about 10-15 per session – but no need to print for that number as people can share.

Friendly atmosphere: Doesn’t matter how advanced you are, we are all writers facing the same issues. The real purpose of the group is to just meet others and blow off steam for a couple of hours. Come, have a drink, and see what everybody else is up to. Get some tips, and possibly even make some new friends.

Publish your story: I will be encouraging participants to submit stories to FictionKitchen.Berlin. Looking to get your flash piece published? Check out the submission guidelines here and send it on. Happy to read whatever you send!

Really looking forward to seeing you at the Castle pub in Mitte on Sept. 21, 11-1pm. Signup today as the meeting is filling up fast.

Article written by Shane O’Halloran. Have something to say? Leave a comment below or contact Shane directly via TwitterFacebookInstagram, or email. Or, you could just buy him a coffee if you like? (AKA a pint)


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