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SomeOddHat is out – long live Fiction Kitchen Berlin! Hurrah!

But why the change?

Well, the simple answer is that I like the new name. When I first started the blog almost two years ago (time is flying – yikes!), I came up with the name SomeOddHat as a play on my own name, Shane O’Halloran, as in SOH: SomeOddHat. While I really liked the name and logo at the time, and as the months rolled by, I realised that it didn’t really say much about the type of site I had. Also, it wasn’t an easy name to remember – or to understand – and I found myself constantly repeating it to people when asked. That always bothered me.

So, I was in the pub a few weeks ago (BTW, this is where I get all my ideas), and the topic came up again. I was also thinking about making some directional changes to the site and wanted a name that best captured what it was I did, and wanted to do. As far as I remember, I wanted to call it something like ‘Story Kitchen’, but my wife, who is a lot smarter than I am, jumped in with Fiction Kitchen Berlin. And that was it! The name sounded amazing, being both bright and positive, but also exactly what the site is all about – a menu of literary news, flash fiction, storytelling, screenplay developments, updates about novels – all cooked up and served in Berlin. Or at least that’s the plan for the site now.

So, what is the plan? What can you expect to see over the coming months?

FLASH IN THE PAN: Submissions: At the moment, Fiction Kitchen Berlin contains a collection of both my flash fiction pieces and a couple short stories. But I want more! If there is one thing I learnt from running my writing Meetups over the past year, is that there is an incredible amount of talent out there – and I want to host all of those voices on this site! As of right now, I am opening Fiction Kitchen Berlin to flash fiction submissions. It doesn’t matter to me where you are from, if you are into creating amazing flash fiction pieces and are looking for a place to submit, then send your work my way. Not only will you get your own authors section on Fiction Kitchen Berlin, but I will also promote your work via social media too. Check out the Submissions page for guidelines. Looking forward to reading you story!

ODDBELLY: Literary News and Interviews: To showcase the latest happenings in the scene, updates, interviews with storytellers-writers- publishers-businesses, publishing news and developments… basically anything that catches my interest that is related to writing and storytelling.

IT’S ALL ABOUT ME, ISN’T IT: Although the Fiction Kitchen meetup is currently paused, I will be starting this off again in Autumn – and writing about it here. I also want to write more articles on the art of screenplay developments, graphic novels (watch out for my Kickstarter campaign coming end of this 2019!), storytelling for NGOs (I’m planning a whole series on this and maybe a book too), – and of course, I will continue to post my own stories here too.

Phew! I think that’s probably enough, don’t you? Stay tuned for more details.

Want to get in touch?  Feel free to reach out to me via TwitterFacebookInstagram, or email. Or, if you are feeling generous, show your support by buying me a coffee (AKA a pint). Thanks!


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