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The Accountant’s Wife

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An accountant comes home to a wife with three heads. One is usually happy to see him, and the middle head is indifferent, but he’s careful to give the last a wide berth. They dubbed that head El Diablo. It likes to spit on the accountant, recite dialogue from bad pornography, or heckle plays with children.

That night, the first head gives him a kiss. We’re pregnant, dear, she says.

The second head sighs.

El Diablo cackles gleefully.

Alyssa Jordan is a writer living in the United States. She pens literary horoscopes for F(r)iction Series. Her stories can be found or are forthcoming in The Sunlight Press, X–R-A-Y Literary Magazine, Reflex Fiction, and more. You can find her on Twitter @ajordan901 or Instagram @ajordanwriter.

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