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Lit. Mag. Launch! Spring/Summer 2020 Edition.

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Incredibly happy to announce the launch of our first literary magazine for Fiction Kitchen Berlin! This spring/summer edition collects all stories published on the site from January to June – twenty-six pieces in total. These amazing stories, and their authors, represent the best that the flash fiction genre has to offer today.

As happy as I am to showcase these many voices, the launch of Fiction Kitchen Berlin, and indeed this new journal, was never a certainty. What started as a Meetup group in Berlin two years ago, has blossomed in ways I could never have imagined. Indeed, it has (if you excuse the pun!) opened a whole new chapter in my life, with each step along the way a thrilling new experience. What began as a random “What if?” over a couple of pints, is now an amazing reality.

But all of this would not have been possible without the support and encouragement I have received from contributing authors, and the wider writing community at large. It is their voices that have made all of this possible, and for that I say a huge heartfelt thank you!!!

I hope you enjoy all the stories contained in this first issue, and that you will be back for Issue two which is due to come out in December 2020.

How to get your own copy!

My original plan was to charge a small purchase fee to cover the running costs of the journal and site, but due to COVID-19, I have decided to release it for free. I think we’ve all been through enough over the past few months without an extra hit to the wallet.

I hope these wonderful stories will help to lift your spirits and inspire you to create your own works of art too. Don’t forget that submissions are (generally) open all year at Fiction Kitchen Berlin, and we publish new pieces each and every Saturday.

If you can though, a small donation to help keep the lights on is always appreciated. Thanks in advance! 😊

Writers and their stories in this issue:

Liz WrideShopping for the Sometimes Submerged
Carrie EtterWhat’s Your Superpower?
Katelyn ThomasThe Barber Sees Too Much
Mark Anthony SmithRoundabouts
Ivan JensonSOS
Richard Bower Replacing the Vacuum
Henry BladonH2Oh No
Mary GrimmWhat We Know About Death
Deanna Salser No Future Without Her – A Child Prodigy
Yash SeyedbagheriGhosts
D.I. JollyDrowning
Aaron Bailey Pumpkin
Hannah Storm One for Sorrow
Cath BartonLatent Heat
Mandira PattnaikThe Ball Bobs Back
Sara DobbieDrip, Drip, Drip
Soramimi Hanarejima Engineering Psychology
Patience Mackarness Beasts
Henry BladonViral Spiral
Alyssa JordanThe Accountant’s Wife
Wilson Koewing Fall
Paul BeckmanA Goofy Train Ride
Niamh Wood Vision
Alice RoseThe Lake
Mariah FeriaBest Moments

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