Back when I started Fiction Kitchen Berlin (formerly SomeOddHat) in January 2018, I never dreamed that the site would blossom into what it has become today. Originally, all I wanted was a personal blog to house my own adventures in writing fiction… basically a place to store my flash fiction pieces, screenplays, novel updates, writing advice, and any other madcap ideas as they appeared. And while elements of that still exist, it is growing beyond that – well beyond that!

Here what’s happening (or is in the works):

  • FICTION KITCHEN BERLIN – Writers Meetings: Yes, the site exists in the offline world too! Today, the group consists of over 570 writers (Aug. 2019) that regularly meet in Berlin to discuss writing news, developments, and works in progress. One change coming soon is a new focus on micro fiction (300 words), and flash fiction (1,000 words) – with emphasis on stand alone, strong-voiced pieces that showcase a writer’s true talents. My hope is to expand the function of this site to house many of these new and emerging voices coming out of Berlin. Another feature I am aiming for is the introduction of writing and storytelling workshops – paid events exploring key issues relevant and important to both new and advanced writers. To date, the writing talent has been amazing and I look forward to seeing what this new direction brings. Watch this space!
  • FICTION KITCHEN BERLIN – Storytellers: A new initiative coming soon to Berlin! In addition to the writers meetings, I would also like to create a space for storytelling. Berlin is a melting pot of cultures, all with their own identities and stories from their cultures – and I want to hear them all! Emphasis will be on legends, fables, folklore, and trickster tales from across the world. Once these meetings kick-off, I hope to start recording them and hosting them as podcasts on Fiction Kitchen Berlin… further details to be announced in late 2019.
  • FLASH IN THE PAN: Fiction Submissions: As mention previously, if there is one thing I learnt from my writers meetings, is that there is an incredible amount of talent in Berlin. And I want to publish the on this site! Coming soon, I will be opening Fiction Kitchen Berlin to both writers in Berlin (and also internationally), with the intention of showcasing these amazing stories, and the writers behind them. More details coming real soon.
  • ODDBELLY: Literary News and Interviews: To feature the latest happenings in the scene, updates, interviews with storytellers-writers- publishers-businesses, publishing news and developments… basically anything that catches my interest that is related to writing and storytelling. Check out the first interview I did for a new literary start-up in Berlin – with more, (much more!) coming soon.
  • IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT ME, ISN’T IT: Well, yeah, it is my site at the end of the day (duh!). I will continue to use Fiction Kitchen Berlin to publish articles on the art of writing, on screenplay developments, graphic novels (watch out for my Kickstarter campaign coming end of this 2019!), storytelling for NGOs (I’m planning a whole series on this and maybe a book too) – and of course, I will continue to post my own stories here too.

Phew! I think that’s probably enough for now, don’t you? 

Want to contact me? Feel free to reach out to via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Don’t want to get in touch (why? was it something I said?), but want to show you support in another way? You could always buy me a coffee – or a pint…ah, go on, go on, go on!


Shane O’Halloran is a product of Ireland living in Berlin, Germany. A massive fan of speculative fiction, his work has appeared in several online journals including, Ink and Voices, époque press, AntipodeanSF, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Asymmetry Fiction. When not writing flash fiction and other short stories, he is experimenting with writing graphic novels, screenplays, and will someday get around to writing that elusive sci-fi novel that’s been stuck in his mind since forever. He is also the creator of Fiction Kitchen Berlin, and runs two Meetups for writers and storytellers. Feel like a chat? Reach out to him via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email.

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