Fiction Kitchen Berlin is a literary magazine… of sorts! Actually, it’s rather more of a movement, a feeling, a hodgepodge of art and emotions tied together to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. For me, the site is a celebration of writing and, of course, the amazing writers who continue to make it shine.

When I started the site back in late 2018, I never expected it to grow into what it has become today. Back then, all I wanted was to carve a space to showcase my own flash fiction, short stories, screenplay developments, and so on. And while some of that still exists on the site today, it has grown beyond that – well beyond that!

Here is an overview of what is going on right now (and ideas in the works):

  • FLASH IN THE PAN [ONGOING]: Started in late-2019, Flash in the Pan showcases amazing flash fiction from writers in Berlin and across the world. This has proven to be an extremely popular part of Fiction Kitchen Berlin and will continue to be expanded going forward. Interested in getting involved? Check out the submissions page to see if we are currently open to stories, and what we are looking for.
  • LITERARY MAGAZINE [COMING]: Twenty-twenty sees the launch of a bi-annual literary magazine. Produced as both a digital and print edition, the spring-summer/autumn-winter editions will contain all stories showcased on the site within those months. The journal will also contain other updates (literary news, events, competitions), as well as writing advice too.
  • WRITING WORKSHOPS [COMING]: After twenty years of professional experience in international communications and storytelling, two years spent running a writers Meetup in Berlin, and having gone through all the struggles/joys of getting my own work published – I feel ready to start hosting writer-focused workshops in Berlin. Interested in finding out more about these? Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to keep updated.
  • COMPETITIONS [COMING]: Starting in 2020, I will be launching a flash fiction writing competition (with more coming over the years). These will be centred around a theme, and the winning/top entries will be published in a special anthology.
  • ODDBELLY [ONGOING]: Featuring the latest happenings in the literary scene, updates, interviews, publishing news and developments… basically anything that catches my interest that is related to writing and storytelling. I will also be using this section, and the Short Stories category, to publish some of my own work (just sayin’ ;).

So, what’s left? Well, there is one thing – SUBSCRIBE! See that orange bar at the top of each page? Click on the arrow and enter your name and email address. You will then be included in our special Fiction Kitchen Berlin newsletter to be sent periodically. This is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest developments, stories published, news about our writing competitions – and external ones too – as well as other interesting news. Oh, and don’t worry, I have no intention of spamming!

Want to contact me? Feel free to reach out to via TwitterFacebookInstagram, or email.

Don’t want to get in touch but want to show you support in another way? You could always buy me a coffee – or better yet, a pint!


Shane O’Halloran is a product of Ireland living in Berlin, Germany. A massive fan of speculative fiction, his work has appeared in several online journals including, époque press, AntipodeanSF, Flash Fiction Magazine, and Asymmetry Fiction. When not writing flash fiction and other short stories, he is experimenting with writing graphic novels, screenplays, and will someday get around to writing that elusive sci-fi novel that’s been stuck in his mind since forever. He is also the creator of Fiction Kitchen Berlin. Reach out to him via TwitterFacebook, or email.

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