How to best describe Fiction Kitchen Berlin? I guess the simplest way would be to call it a literary magazine… but it’s more than just that. For me, the journal is akin to a movement, a feeling, a hodgepodge of art and emotions tied together to produce something greater than the sum of its parts. Above all though, the magazine is a celebration of flash fiction and, of course, the amazing writers from across the world who continue to make it shine.

The idea for the magazine came while hosting writer meetings in Berlin. Every week we would we meet in a local bar and regale each other with newly created flash stories. My passion for flash fiction grew from these sessions, and when the meetings eventually wound down, I began to think about other ways I could carry this momentum forward. Hence, the birth of Fiction Kitchen Berlin! Just as it was during those writer meetings, the Kitchen is open to all writers of flash fiction – it doesn’t matter if you’re a new or an established author – it’s the work that counts.

Under Flash in the Pan, I am committed to publishing imaginative, strange, surreal, poignant stories with an edge. I’m particularly interested in those tales that cause me to do a double-take, the ones that linger on the mind for days afterwards. Submissions are open to authors from across the world, and I try my best to respond to subs within a two-week period – sometimes even on the same day. Also, as a homage to those earlier writer meetings, new stories are published under Flash in the Pan each and every Saturday. Have a story to submit? Check out the submissions page to see what we are looking for.

But what else is going on in the Kitchen? Issues, which launched in July 2020, features our first collection of stories published over that spring and summer. The next edition will be published in December, with more due in the coming years (Issue 1 is available here to download for free). I also plan on adding more content to Issues too, such as themed anthologies, chap books and… well, let’s see! Interviews features conversations with up-and-coming authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs reshaping the literary scene, and Oddbelly is a mix of lit. articles, news, opinions, and a home for some of my own work. Other new features/pages will appear occasionally over time, but one worth mentioning right now is the newsletter – if you haven’t already, do sign up today! Not only will you get a free copy of Issue 1, Vol. 1 of the Fiction Kitchen Berlin lit. mag., but you will also have access to special content not found on the site. I plan to start releasing these letters on an ad-hoc and quarterly basis going forward (but don’t worry – I certainly won’t be spamming!).   

Although everything published by Fiction Kitchen Berlin is available to readers for free, it does take a considerable amount of time and resources to keep the lights on. If you can, a donation is always appreciated. All amounts welcomed! 😊

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Shane O’Halloran is a product of Ireland living in Berlin, Germany. A massive fan of speculative fiction, his stories have appeared in several journals including: époque press, AntipodeanSF, Flash Fiction Magazine, 101 Words, and Asymmetry Fiction. When not writing flash fiction and other short stories, he is experimenting with writing graphic novels, screenplays, and will someday get around to writing that elusive sci-fi novel that has been stuck in his mind since forever. He is also the creator of Fiction Kitchen Berlin. You can find him via TwitterFacebook, or email.

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