Short Stories Let me tell you a story… a collection of stories, news, and writing advice.

Flash in the PanShort Stories

Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus

Lil Nas X was over the moon. That morning, the newly minted 20-year-old awoke to a call from his...

OddbellyShort Stories


The boy stares at the white page in front of him. On it is a single question, “Why have you come...

Flash in the PanShort Stories

Timeo Musas

He glided from the bedroom to the kitchen in remarkable style, sitting on his wheel-barstool. He...

Flash in the PanShort Stories

Second Steps

I’d rather be an only child, but I have a sister. Turns out, she’d rather be an only child too....

A Working Title


“Qui Gattino”

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