Issue 1, Vol. 1 collects all stories published on Fiction Kitchen Berlin from spring/summer edition – twenty-six pieces in total. These amazing stories, and their authors, represent the best that the flash fiction genre has to offer today.

Unfortunately this edition is no longer available to download, but if you sign up today to our irregular newsletter, you will get our latest edition for free!

Featured Writers:
Liz Wride
Carrie Etter
Katelyn Thomas
Mark Anthony Smith
Ivan Jenson
Richard Bower 
Henry Bladon
Mary Grimm
Deanna Salser 
Yash Seyedbagheri
D.I. Jolly
Aaron Bailey 
Hannah Storm 
Cath Barton
Mandira Pattnaik
Sara Dobbie
Soramimi Hanarejima 
Patience Mackarness 
Alyssa Jordan
Wilson Koewing 
Paul Beckman
Niamh Wood 
Alice Rose
Mariah Feria

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